Nationalism: Have We Outgrown It?

If you look at the history of nationalism down through the centuries, it is clear that this feeling of national pride has contributed some positive things to nations and to the world at large. Pride in our shared national culture and heritage is fostered by nationalism and that, in turn, builds feelings of collective identity and unity. One such example is the excitement and joy shared with our countrymen as our Olympic athletes achieve distinction in that world forum. That pride can result in greater financial support for the necessary training programs to bring our best athletes to this international competition. These accomplishments reinforce our feelings of national pride and unity. Continue reading “Nationalism: Have We Outgrown It?”

John’s Believe It Or Not… March 29th

It’s Wondrous Wednesday! Did you know…

* 1982 – Queen Elizabeth II gives Royal Assent to the Canada Act, 1982, to patriate Canada’s Constitution. (Canada’s original constitution was the British North America Act of 1867 [BNA ACT]. It created the political union called “The Dominion of Canada”, but it was still a British colony. Canada was given full independence in 1931 [most Canadians don’t know that!]. Since the BNA Act was a statute of the British Parliament, the original document stayed in London. As of 1931, a foreign government owned Canada’s constitution. Lovely, eh! There were a few attempts to patriate the BNA Act – bring it home to Canada – but squabbles between the provinces and Ottawa over the division of powers thwarted each attempt. Then PM Pierre Trudeau declared he would bring home the constitution with or without provincial approval. He succeeded and added a new Charter of Rights and Freedoms [like the US Bill of Rights] to the patriated constitution. They changed its name to The Canada Act 1982.) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… March 29th”

Reviewers #RRBC

Author Jan Sikes gifts us with some noteworthy thoughts about book reviews. Readers, please consider carefully! I invite you to read on…

Writing and Music


As an author, there is nothing more encouraging than receiving a rave review for one of your books.

But, reviewers must maintain credibility. And that is my topic today.

I am an avid reader. I love nothing more than to sink my teeth into a good story. And, I never hesitate to leave a review once I finish.

However, what happens when a reader picks up a book that leaves him lacking? Does that reviewer leave a false review to make the author feel better or tell the truth?


I think the answer to that should be crystal clear. First of all, you are doing that author no favors by saying the book is better than it was. An honest but KIND review can help the author grow and get better at his craft.

We never stretch or reach for more, when we think we already have it. 

So, I…

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Time for Some Laffs – Blondes have more fun… I know from experience!

Here are some guaranteed belly-laughs for a Tuesday. Thanks to Tina Frisco via Sally Cronin! Please enjoy! Go ahead… laugh once!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

The beauty of being blonde and having a touch of the Irish is that there are many jokes you can tell without getting told off. As I am now well into my 60s I can also tell elderly jokes if I remember them.

Anyway… Have fun with this selection and pass them on as laughter is infectious and so much more healthier than the usual virus.

The images have been kindly donated by the wonderful author Tina Frisco and details of how to buy her latest book is at the bottom of the post.

A natural Blonde!

A blonde in first class refuses to move when the ticket holder who paid for the seat boards, saying only, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to LA to be a star – and I’m not moving to the back of the plane.” Repeatedly. To anyone who tried to convince her otherwise.


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Thank you Betty Lavington from Sally aged seventeen – A drama Queen

Who made your dreams come true? Sally Cronin gifts us today with a heart-warming story about her youth and the lady who made Sally’s dream come true! Please, read on…

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

My two sisters who were ten and eleven years old both left school and trained as secretaries.  My eldest sister became PA in Malta to the Surgeon Rear Admiral at 18 when my father was posted there so immediately put her skills to great use.  My other sister on arrival in Cape Town was photographed for the front cover of the Cape Argus as a newcomer to the Cape and ended up working on the paper for two years.  So obviously secretarial training led to them having some very interesting and high level jobs over the years.

However, madam, decided at a very early age that she wanted to be a singer and actress! It was all my mother’s fault really.  Apart from the fact that she had rather the flair for the dramatic all her life, she manipulated me into being her co-conspirator every Saturday afternoon.

My father loved…

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John’s Believe It Or Not… March 28th

It’s Tenuous Tuesday! Did you know…

* 1885 – North West Rebellion – Gen Frederick Middleton leaves for the west in command of 5,000 troops. (General Frederick Dobson Middleton leaves for the west in command of 5,000 troops; reaches the end of the CPR on April 2, and splits up; Middleton goes to Batoche, Otter sent to Battleford, Strange goes after Big Bear. These 5,000 British Regulars and Ontario Militia split into three groups will take on Gabriel Dumont’s 300 mounted forces of Metis and Cree Indians. Not very good odds? Stay tuned!) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… March 28th”

What Your Author Website is Likely Missing

Staci Troilo’s post on Story Empire today speaks to authors about a critical marketing tool – the Media Kit. Please read on…

Story Empire

BlogHi, SEers. Forgive me for being a hypocrite, but today’s post is going to be a do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do post. Remember, I used to work in corporate communications, so I know marketing strategies. (That doesn’t mean I use them myself; it just means I know them.)

Okay… Unless you literally just decided to become an author today, you almost definitely have an author website. Hopefully you’ve included the basics:

  • landing page to advertise news and collect email addresses
  • blog to share content, generate interest, and remain fresh in the minds of your fans
  • book pages so your work is well-defined and easy to find
  • about page to introduce yourself to new visitors
  • social media links so people can find you elsewhere online
  • contact page so your readers can reach you
  • platform-wide cohesion and pleasing design

Many authors stop there. Okay, let’s be honest—many readers fall short in some/most/all of those categories.

  • Their…

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