Does History Repeat Itself?

Why do we study history? History is an interpretive study. The human adventure of the past created the present. Voters get the government they deserve. History does repeat itself and that is sad.

In the previous post in this series Let’s Talk ‘Why Do We Still Have Gender Issues?’ I asked why, in the year 2017, do we still have unresolved gender issues. Why do women feel the need to band together to acquire that which is their due? Today, thanks to a post by JoAnn Chateau entitled ‘Ancient Greeks: Pythagoras on Repeating Patterns’, I am inspired to ponder the question of whether or not we learn from history. Continue reading “Does History Repeat Itself?”

Watch RWISA Write Blog Tour – Nonnie Jules – #RWISA #RRBC

Author Nonnie Jules gifts us with an excerpt from her new project “Prison Wives” – it is beautifully written and emotionally gripping. Thanks to Author John W. Howell for hosting Nonnie today. Please, read on…

Fiction Favorites

Rave Reviews Book Club. One of the objectives of the club is to recognize outstanding talent in its membership. A literary group has been established within RRBC named Rave Writers – International Society of Authors (RWISA). This month the club is featuring these authors on a tour. I will be hosting them throughout the month and I hope you enjoy being introduced to some excellent writing.


Nonnie Jules


By Nonnie Jules

“From one of her upcoming releases, Nonnie Jules presents…PRISON WIVES.”

I am an unlikely character to tell these stories, but, I do know that each day that we are blessed to open our eyes, we never know what surprises, good or bad, that day will bring. No matter how much and how well we plan, the universe always steps in to show us just how much, we are not as in control of things as we thought…

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John’s Believe It Or Not… August 16th

In 1812 – Isaac Brock captures Fort Detroit with the help of Tecumseh’s 600 native warriors. In 1896 Gold discovered in the Yukon. In 1984 Los Angeles jury clears John Z. DeLorean of drug charges. In 1958 Madonna born. In  1977 Elvis Presley dies.

It’s Hump Day Wednesday! Did you know…

* 1812 – Isaac Brock captures Fort Detroit with the help of Tecumseh’s 600 native warriors.

On 13 August Isaac BROCK arrived at FORT AMHERSTBURG (Malden) with 300 men. Against the advice of Henry PROCTER and all his officers except John MACDONELL and Robert Nichol, he decided to attack Fort Detroit. When Tecumseh heard this plan, he reportedly declared of Brock “This is a man!” Whether the story is true or not, the two men had great regard for one another and Tecumseh admired Brock’s resolve.
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Read any good books lately?

This is the best article I’ve ever seen about the benefits of reading books – by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, hosted by Debby Gies. Please, read on…

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I have been invited to Guest Post TODAY!
hosted by blogger Debby Gies [author D.G.Kaye]

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Reblog with Intro from theExecutive Functioning Series

Deb’s Website HERE

Although she is in Toronto, Canada and I am “down south” in Cincinnati, Ohio, the miracle that is the blogging community has allowed us to develop a warm and wonderful virtual friendship.

For those who don’t already know her, Debby is a generous, popular and prolific blogger who is well-known for her memoirs filled with both heartfelt and humorous reflections on her own journey through life.

Uplifting and encouraging, each is written to offer positive support to anyone struggling with anything similar to the topics she tackles.

She is currently readying her next book for publication.

She asked me to give her a bit of time to focus on polishing the upcoming gem I’m sure it…

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John’s Believe It Or Not… August 15th

In 1988 – Vicki Keith the first person to swim across Lake Superior. In 1947 India and Pakistan win independence. In 1969 The Woodstock festival opens in Bethel, New York. In 1057 Malcolm slays Macbeth. In 1998 Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland. 

It’s Tuesday! Did you know…

* 1988 – Vicki Keith the first person to swim across Lake Superior.

Vicki Keith, marathon swimmer, fund raiser, inspirational speaker, born February 26, 1961, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Keith currently holds 16 world records and has crossed many of the world’s most challenging bodies of water, mostly using the butterfly stroke. She has raised over $1 million to help children with physical disabilities. Her 1988 Great Lakes Marathon raised over $200,000 for Variety Village. She retired from marathon swimming in 1991. In 2001 Vicki moved to the Kingston area, where she started a swim team for young people with physical disabilities at the Kingston Family YMCA. The Kingston Family Y adopted the team, known as the Kingston Y Penguins Aquatic Club.
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Time, Stress and Denial

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie gifts us with good news: that we CAN change our relationship with Time and other things too if we are willing to change. Please, read on and be enlightened!

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You CAN change your relationship to time
(or just about anything else)
But, of course, that means you have to CHANGE

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
from the Time Management & Executive Functioning Series

“The adrenal system reacts to stress
by releasing hormones
that make us alert and reactive.

The problem is
that the adrenal system
cannot tell what’s a regular case of nerves
and what’s an impending disaster.

The body doesn’t know the difference
between nerves and excitement
— between panic and doubt . . .”

~ Grey’s Anatomy, Season 9, Episode 8


If you have any flavor of Attentional Struggles – orExecutive Functioning challenges for any other reason — I don’t have to tell you how tough it is to work witht-i-m-e!

If you are anything like me (or some of my former clients and students), finding…

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Celebrating the newly edited edition of “Empty Chairs: (Standing Tall & Fighting Back Book 1) #Memoir On sale now at $0.99.

Child Sexual Abuse: Stacy Danson’s horrific true story, Empty Chairs Edition 3, has been edited and formatted and is available now on Amazon for $.99. Read her story and be aware. Please, read on…

Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke.

The following trailer and the contents of my memoir are very confronting. Because they absolutely must be. Child abuse will never cease if we continue to turn away, seeing nothing … doing nothing.

HERE IS THE TRAILER Created by my dear friend Sessha Batto.


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John’s Believe It Or Not… August 14th

In 1943 – Mackenzie King opens Québec Conference attended by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. In 2003 Blackout hits Northeast United States. In 1980 17000 workers go on strike at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk marking the beginning of the Solidarity movement. In 1935 FDR signs Social Security Act. In 1985 Michael Jackson takes control of the Beatles’ publishing rights.

Oh-Oh! It’s Monday! Did you know…

* 1943 – Mackenzie King opens Québec Conference attended by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt.

The First Quebec Conference (codenamed “QUADRANT”) was a highly secret military conference held during World War II between the British, Canadian and United States governments. The conference was held in Quebec City, August 17, 1943 – August 24, 1943. It took place at the Citadelle and at the Château Frontenac. The chief representatives were Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, hosted by the Canadian Prime Minister, William Lyon Mackenzie King. Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… August 14th”