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This is an important article by Joshua Rutherford about creating characters with depth in our novels.

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If you’re a writer, chances are that you have come across an instructional course or book encouraging you to write deep characters. By deep, I mean the ones that are beyond one-dimension, those with layers of complex emotion, desires, and personal history.

But just how do you go about doing that?

That question plagued me in many of my projects during the early years of my writing. Time and time again, I would find myself resorting to the same stereotypes of villains and heroes, with the former being motivated by evil while the latter were nothing but good. Such constructs made me feel empty, as my writing never seemed complete. I knew that just adding twists and ramping up their backstories wasn’t enough. Such enhancements merely masked the shallow characters I had created.

Then one day, when contemplating a battle scene, I found myself asking what I would do if…

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