Poetry – Consciousness – a poem about the most amazing result of evolution- possibly the most complex thing in the universe.

Opher Goodwin shares wonderful verses expressing appreciation for consciousness. Please, treat yourself and read on…

Opher's World


I was taking a break from taming the beast that is ivy on the wall when I was thinking about consciousness.

I have senses that enable me to see the world, a brain to think, a sense of identity and an appreciation of everything.

The world is wondrous. The universe is spectacular. Wouldn’t it be a shame if there were no eyes to witness it, no minds to appreciate the awe and wonder. Evolution is great.

Now so long ago the wonders of the heavens were not known and microscopic life unseen. Now we have instruments and machines to enhance our senses. It is an incredible age we live in. Our eyes are fully open to all possibility.

Yet what are we? A flash of electricity? A chemical flow? A wave of polarisation? A network of connections? The sum is always greater than the parts!





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Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December, 2013, and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (http://fiorabooks.com), to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

12 thoughts on “Poetry – Consciousness – a poem about the most amazing result of evolution- possibly the most complex thing in the universe.”

      1. Hey John,

        The words ‘I am’ being the shortest poem ever written?

        A fascinating poem from Opher Goodwin, thank you for the re-blog. It is verse requiring deep consideration or heightened intuition to absorb. Of note and tangible curiosity in regards to the poem, Opher is a name meaning gold or reducing to ashes. Not sure why that resonates but the mind moves in mysterious ways.

        Hoping all is well with you and yours on your side of the pond. Take care big fella.

        Namaste 🙂


        Liked by 1 person

        1. Opher (short for Christopher) is also from the UK, Dewin, and his blog is well-worth following. Both of you have similar beliefs and outlooks on life. Both his prose and poetry reflect his habit of deep thinking. Glad you enjoyed his poem. I’m doing ok over here in the great Canadian wilderness! 😉 Hope you are well, too.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Good morning John,

            Thank you for the introduction to his work. It’s always good to gather and gander amongst others with similar feathers.

            Short for Christopher eh? That is a good name I think, a name with stability and strength, and one that means ‘he who carries Christ, or he who carries gold.’ Patron Saint of travellers, masters of crossing rivers, it is a perfect name for a man to enjoy whilst travelling through a sun-filled life 🙂

            Very happy to hear all is okay with you my friend, I am also of that same measure. Ah yes indeed, when I quiet my mind, I can almost hear the whispering call of the Canadian wilderness…’there is gold in those yonder hills.’ 🙂

            Taker care. Have a wonderful weekend.

            Namaste 🙂


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              1. Hey John,

                Ah yes, I knew the phrase went something like that…I stand corrected, or rather I sit in detention as a consequence of my error 🙂 lol Last time I recall that phrase it was written on the side of a favourite breakfast cereal from childhood. The cereal was called ‘Golden Nuggets’. I haven’t eaten them for years, but I am pleased to see they remain on the shelves.

                Thanks John, all is well and life always poised on the crest of adventure just the way I like it 🙂 I took my new backpack out of storage the other day and have placed it in the corner of my living room. It is there to encourage thoughts of travel. W. H Davies headed for the Klondike, but came back without a leg. Looking for gold in the wilderness would be great sport but I’d hope to return intact and smiling. Perhaps i’ll venture out into the storm bustling here and go get me some of them thar nuggets 🙂

                Namaste 🙂


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                  1. Hey John,

                    Perhaps Nestle sell them in Canada? It’s worth a couple of dollars to experience the pleasurable alchemy that is mining gold from a milk-bowl.

                    Thank you for best wishes on adventurous trails. Despite the storm, I’m happy to report I made it to the shops and home without problem. Tis barely a taster for the journey still to come but I feel ready to walk the world!

                    Have a most happy weekend John 🙂

                    Namaste 🙂



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