Poet Dewin Nefol celebrates his birthday today with the posting of an epic poem featuring the great Wizard, Merlin. Happy birthday, good friend! Please, enjoy this poem…

Piper At DawnIT is my Birthday! 🙂 A landmark year, a major milestone event, call it what thou willst, it matters not, I shall never see the back of 21 ever again 😉

Today I am permitted to indulge mywhim and the reader will just have to manage their expectations accordingly. As such I am posting the beginning of a 3-Part mini-adventure whilst The Wizard Of Wands is being scribbled and scratched, scrawled and hatched for future release. In my defence this poem does have tangible relevance to the main story in that whilst the Fellowship remain encamped (shortly to leave, I am told!) the Soothsayer has found chance to muse a little space amongst the rising anxiety at start of the new adventure.

Quietly and steadily with mindfulness and focussed regard for his craft, the Soothsayer has advanced his understanding of Milvus Milvus, his Red Kite’s wand, which he flutters as Knight of Lady Veritas, Our Lady Of Truth. However, having taken me to one side just the other day to have a ‘man-to-man’ powwow, I can…

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Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December, 2013, and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (http://fiorabooks.com), to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

2 thoughts on “PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN”

  1. Good day good sir!

    How are thee? Hoping one and all are well overseas in Ontario territory?

    What a pleasure indeed to receive your best wishes!
    Comments, messages, your words are riches!
    Words of friendship too, it’s just your way,
    Reblogging on my birthday! !How kind! Thank you!”
    I trust life finds you well, in a spell of warm weather.
    For most of my day, the Welsh sun’s been at play,
    Both warm and dry, it’s been almost a pleasure,
    Tho now sinking fast, day’s colours half-mast
    Deeper darkens the depth of Dapplewood Glade!

    Thank you for sharing my birthday big fella. Take care.

    Perhaps a toast, fresh mango juice? “To wives and girlfriends! May they never meet!”

    “May the whizz of the Wizard alwayz be wiz you!”



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    1. I’m laughing! You’re in rare form today, birthday boy! You’re welcome – happy to help brighten your day! We, too, have a gloriously sunny and moderately warm day here in Ontario – it is noon and the warmer afternoon is yet to come. So here I sit in my basement office missing it all! Not too many more days like this before the nasty side of autumn is upon us.

      I hope things are going well for you. I was at the dentist early this morning and the left side of my face is still partially frozen. Hate that stuff! However, it beats the pain of the drill! I remember that vividly as a child – no freezing back then. You just grabbed the arms of the chair and hung on for dear life while the dentist stuffed everything but the kitchen sink into your mouth. Lovely memories!

      Be well, good sir! I hope the wizz of the Wiz wizzes you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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