The poet Kingston shares his feelings about his Homeless state after losing his legs as a soldier fighting for the very government that cares not if he lives or dies. An especially meaningful poem on the eve of Remembrance Day.


Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December, 2013, and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (, to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

6 thoughts on “Crutch”

  1. Thanks for spreading this word, John. Important post – and very disturbing.

    HOW can *any* country ask a single one of its citizens to fight and be willing to die for the freedoms of the rest and NOT take care of them if they return impaired? I wish I knew.

    Even more, I wish I could jerk a knot in a few political tails and stomp on it until they changed this sad reality.

    Do posts like this help? ONLY if they encourage a few more knot jerkers to jerk – the ones who need the message will probably not receive it otherwise.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!

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    1. Thanks for your insightful comments, Madelyn. I’d love to see the military go on strike except for home defense until many of these issues are settled properly. The withdrawal of services is the ONLY thing that big business and big government understand.

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      1. One other thing that works with big business — boycott. Withdrawal of the effectiveness they hope to achieve when they use methods that are offensive to us (i.e., don’t spend money there).

        The extent to which we are too lazy to refuse to engage is the extent to which we are complicit in actions that are hateful to us.

        Think Walmart in the US – most people hate what they do, but still they shop there.

        Really, as a REAL question, WHY?

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  2. Good morning John, Namaste 🙂

    Hoping all is well with one and all? Thank you for returning and re-blogging, for driving the message ever-onwards in a bid to raise Homelessness as a reality needing urgent attention by a full range of adequately funded supporting services.

    Gallybloggers have received three poems from various sources with themes pertinent poignant and relevant to Remembrance Day – or Armistice Day as it is also known, which marks the day the armistice was signed between the Allies and Germany that brought the end of WWI to a close. The service for Remembrance Day is held on the second Sunday of November and this year it will take place on Sunday November 12. Gallybloggers are honoured to respect the memory of those already fallen and those presently still fighting wars overseas for spurious political causes perpetrated under the banner of ‘freedom and democracy’. It is only when those who lay down their life or are prepared to do so with absolute faith and belief in the cause they are fighting for return back to their valleys and their farms, and find they have no big brother at arms in a conservative government who fail to provide for them.

    Gallybloggers reference just one article with a headline to say all we need to illustrate about the mentality of a government fixated on greed at the failed neglect of returning service personnel traumatised by the hell of war. This from the Daily Express Newspaper in February 2017…

    ‘7,000 soldiers left to ROT on our streets: Today we demand HOMES FOR HEROES’ (1)

    To quote directly from the site:

    ‘THOUSANDS of mentally traumatised war veterans are rotting on the streets of Britain because the Government is not adequately enforcing a law which states military heroes must be offered homes.’

    ‘Homeless charities estimate there are about 7000 ex-servicemen and women living rough and in desperate need of a roof over their head.’

    ‘Instead, thousands of empty properties are going to asylum seekers, with the Government finding accommodation for 6,500 in the last year alone.’

    ‘The Armed Forces Covenant and Community Covenant were introduced in 2012 as a contract stating Britain’s war heroes should take priority when it comes to affordable housing – all 407 local authorities signed up to it. But they aren’t working.’

    The Daily Express cites Former Commando Mike Hookem, now a Ukip MEP, and an ardent supporter of the Homes For Heroes campaign:

    Former Commando Mike Hookem, now a Ukip MEP, is also a fierce supporter of the campaign

    ‘No longer can we let veterans languish at the bottom of waiting lists for housing and social care.’

    ‘Every British veteran deserves better and that is why I’m pleased the Daily Express has launched a campaign to change the wording of the 2012 Armed Forces and Community Covenant.’

    Gallybloggers agree with every statement made and believe those that serve their country in active service should have precedent on all waiting lists with priority given to those disabled, paralysed or wheelchair bound. Effective treatment must be made immediately available for trauma, the consequences for not doing so could well be far-reaching and consequential.

    The Newspaper makes mention of the numerous vacant properties found in abundance within cities and towns throughout the UK and urges funding for these premises to be used to house the Homeless. Every City in the UK has adequate resources to do this: it is about channelling money appropriately and targeting expenditure effectively, not on fat-cat salaries and gilded pensions, but on the people of the city the local authorities are there to ensure they make provide for. The Daily Express emphasises the point that not all councils do what they can. Whether this is as a result of inadequate central funding or not – that is a conversation local government authorities must have upwards – Homelessness must be resolved and if not resolved eased substantially t stem the rise whilst urgent root causes of Homelessness are identified and eliminated. Politicians make statements identifying Homelessness as a complex issue, yet speculate that the immediate causes of Homelessness can be largely distilled to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. There is evidence in support of these claims, and all three habits are widespread and common amongst the Homeless community. There is no evidence to suggest what percentage of these numbers shared these habits prior to becoming Homeless, or involved in the prison system, or had to endure juvenile detainment. It is not just the individual that breaks but the whole political system in the UK that is spun as a puppet show by billionaire bankers and capitalist financiers who pay for policies designed to put profits before people and then have ‘their party’ present a charade to sate public expectation. Billionaires parading millionaires making nothing but profits whilst heroes suffer having fought wars to provide them with their wealth.

    This is the brutality outcome of a serviceperson’s war. The brutality, violence, trauma, and personal suffering doesn’t end when the firing stops. For many it just gets far worse. Gallybloggers supports the Homes For Heroes campaign.

    Gallybloggers will be there at the local Cenotaph at the appropriate hour. God Bless one and all.

    Love and Peace. Namaste 🙂

    DN and Raven’s 12

    (1) – The Daily Express Newspaper – February 2017 – ‘7,000 soldiers left to ROT on our streets: Today we demand HOMES FOR HEROES’ –

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    1. Thanks for this wonderful background material – I hadn’t heard about the Homes for Heroes program. It sounds great!

      Here in Canada we always hold the Remembrance Day memorials On November 11th – no matter what day of the week it falls on. I understand why the UK switched to a Sunday school year to maximize participation.

      Peace, Dewin!

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      1. Namaste John 🙂

        Apologies for the error on my part: the background material was destined for the Blog at much the same time as the post…the commentary waylaid by an old tired and battered computer that has been a real trooper but which is now slowly giving up the will to live or behave with any sense of decency or decorum. I might be wrong, but I think it’s dysfunctional programming is made in America bought overseas and sold-out of the UK 😉

        Gallybloggers will have representation present on Remembrance Day. There are Homeless known who have served in the Armed Forces and in light of the UK governments neglect of returning ex-service personnel possibly additional others who we will come to know who will also be present paying their respects and deepest regards to those past.

        Dewin occasions a municipal cemetery local to his home city where the graves of those ‘gone but not forgotten’ are set-off to one area of the graveyard. A public display-board – graciously done – pays respect to all those laid to rest. There are photographs of several service personnel included within the literature: portraits and faces of youth innocence fear and hope, of pride in a uniform, of certainty in the cause, laying down their life for King, Queen and Country. There are two graves Dewin returns to: one a ‘Stoker’ on a Royal Navy Destroyer blown apart by torpedo. He was 18 when he died and for some unknown reason his grave is always the loneliest, the least flowered, the most unkempt (all are pretty well maintained – his is not precision like many) and the grave that gets the least sunshine. Dewin pauses to place himself below decks in the thick gloom and battle-black smoke of coal fired turbines fired up for war, whilst hell blazes above decks in the rage and roar of guns and waves. And then the bite of exploding steel as bulkheads implode sailors explode sliced diced dashed across a machine of war, which to succumbs to nature sinks to the floor settling as tombstones forevermore.

        Love and Peace in Words and Deeds. Namaste 🙂

        DN and Raven’s 12

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