Spring Hiatus

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Dear Readers,

Spring has finally sprung in southern Ontario and I have a great deal of outside work to accomplish to get the property cleaned up after this very long winter. I’ll be taking the next two weeks off from blogging to maximize my time and energy for the work at hand.

Be well and thank you for your support!

John Fioravanti


Author: John Fioravanti

I'm a retired History teacher (35 years), husband, father of three, grandfather of three. My wife, Anne, and I became business partners in December, 2013, and launched our own publishing company, Fiora Books (http://fiorabooks.com), to publish my books. We have been married since 1973 and hope our joint business venture will be as successful as our marriage.

45 thoughts on “Spring Hiatus”

    1. Thanks, Sis. I wish communing with nature via yardwork wasn’t so painful! Ah well, I power washed my deck and arranged all the furniture out there yesterday – ready for our favorite pastime – decking. Now on to the yard cleanup. Hugs!

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    1. Indeed!! Raking without gloves means mega blisters! Yesterday I did 5 hours of yard work and crawled to my bed by 8:30! There’s enough hours, good sir, but the energy is in very short supply. Thanks, John.


      1. DO be careful, dearest friend!!! We do need you to return to your blogging in a few weeks, and not be in the hospital recuperating from a full spinal replacement! You may be … you ARE … young at heart, but remember that the body parts may be showing some signs of … um … wear and tear? Have a great break!!! Take Anne out to dinner one night, if you can straighten up enough to drive! 😀

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        1. LOL Jill! I’m driving Anne crazy because I am being careful – she has little patience, unfortunately. So far, no injuries and the cleanup is coming along. Should be done when winter returns in a couple of weeks. Kidding. I hope 🙏

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          1. Well I am so happy to hear no injuries!!! You keep driving Anne crazy and she may just send you back to your computer sooner than you planned! 😄 Glad your getting the work done, and I hope you’re enjoying yourself in the process. You very well better be kidding about winter coming back in a few weeks! We’re still chilly here! I suppose we will jump straight from needing the heat on to needing the air conditioning! Take care & have fun!!! Big hugs!

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            1. Thanks, Jill. Remarkably, last week’s activity is paying off as I’m moving and bending more comfortably now thank I have for a long time. That’s encouraging. The weather certainly is getting crazier as time goes on. Who knows what’s around the corner?

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              1. AWESOME!!! I told you that exercise is the key! And now, if I would only take my own advise! I’ve been battling a bronchial infection and have been very lazy about lifting weights and walking. By the end of the week, though … Keep on keeping on, dear John!!! You are missed over here, but I’m so glad you’re having a good break! Hugs!!!

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                1. Thanks, Jill, you’re sweet. I guess the key is to just keep moving. Should be finished the raking by the end of Wednesday. Wanna get some overseeding done before the rain starts Thursday. We have 4 days of rain in a row. Hugs!!

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                  1. You never know … those meteorologists have been known to err from time to time … like almost daily! Have fun … have you and Anne done something fun yet? Time for a trip to the zoo or an elegant meal at McDonald’s!!! 😀

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                    1. Hope you’re feeling better, Jill. While I’ve been working outside, Anne has been busy inside doing spring housecleaning. So, not much fun yet. Our son-in-law is taking us out for brunch on Mother’s Day – looking forward to that. My lawns get their first cut of the season today! Hopefully, I’ll survive it!! Hugs!!

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                    2. Still battling a bit of bronchitis, but I’ll be fine. Hah … our lawn got its first cut earlier this week (we live in rental townhomes, so we don’t have to do our own mowing), and since the dandelions had turned into puffballs, there was so much pollen floating in the air that it looked like snow! Good thing I have a good stock of inhalers!!! 😀 Enjoy your Mother’s Day brunch!!! Hugs!!!


                    3. Feel better soon, my friend. Gee, that first cut yesterday almost did me in!! All that walking on an irregular surface did a number on my right knee.
                      Glad to hear you don’t have to do your own yard work. We bought this place 21 years ago… what was I thinking?? Lol! Hugs!


                    4. Hah! The first time of the season is always the hardest. From here on out it’s a piece of cake! Hope your knee feels better soon … try an icepack. Or a heating pad. I’m guessing you have a large lot with your house? I used to have a house on 4.5 acres, mostly wooded, which I loved. But about an acre was grassy and the mowing was daunting, especially since at the time I was working 80+ hour weeks and all I wanted to do on my day off, if I had a day off, was sleep! Still, I did enjoy that house & the woods. Take it easy for a day now … you’ve earned it! Hugs!!!

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  1. Oh, John, this sounds marvelous. Outside, hands and heart busy with your yard and plantings, delightful! I’m so happy for you. You will be missed but think of all the stories you can share when you return. Blessings to you and yours.

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    1. Dear Gwen… I’d love to be happy for me too. I absolutely hate the outside chores – always have – but it needs to be done and I’ll get plenty of fresh air and hopefully will feel better when it is all done. Be well, dear. Hugs!


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