Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy’s First Swim

John W. Howell delights us with an episode outside and the dog pool. Please enjoy!

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“Hey, Dad. What’s Mom doing?”

“She is setting up the dog pool.”

“Dog pool? What is a dog pool?

“Go see for yourself.”

Twiggy, Lucy, Bailey

“Lucy, Bailey.”

“What short stuff?”

“What is this thing anyway?”

“It’s a place to get cool.”

“Cool? How’s that?”

“You know, you ask a lot of questions, Twiggy. See I’m in the water.”

“So you have wet paws, Bailey. How fun is that?

“The water feels good. If you lay down it’s better.”

“Okay let me see a laydown.”

“Not so fast little one. You need to get in here too.”

“Then there won’t be any room.”

“Bailey, who you kidding. You never lay down in the pool.”

“Sush. I’m trying to get the id-kay to ay-lay own-day in the ool -pay”

“I’m not going to lay down if you don’t, Bailey.”

“Where did you learn pig latin?

“From my iblings-say. I’ll get in but standing up.”

“Hey, mom…

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