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Hello, I’m John Fioravanti, author, blogger and retired secondary school educator. This is my blog site and you will find that it reflects the two genres that my published books encompass. I entered the teaching profession in 1973 with the express purpose of helping young people navigate the minefields we call the teenage years. A similar motivation, to help others, set me on course to write and publish inspirational non-fiction. My current blog series, My Inspiration normally posted on Wednesdays, seeks to carry out this personal mission with inspirational quotes and my interpretations or reflections.

As well, I thoroughly enjoy writing science fiction. My current sci-fi series, The Genesis Saga, can best be characterised as human drama within a sci-fi universe. Here on this site, you will find my other blog series, The Genesis Chronicles. These short stories are actually prequels to The Genesis Saga and predate the novels by six centuries. One day, I’ll weave these stories into a new novel series.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visits to Words To Captivate and come back often. My author site is http://fiorabooks.com – I publish my books through Fiora Books – a small publishing house founded by my wife, Anne, and me in December 2013. That site showcases my books, trailers and other things you may find interesting.