The Homeless poet, Gargling, gifts us with a poetic response to an article in the Evening Standard in London, UK. Please share…

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GargoyleGallybloggers could not miss out on a golden opportunity to post in response to the Evening Standard’s headline Help Feed London’s Hungry Children.’

Gallybloggers wholeheartedly support such a wonderfully worthwhile campaign, and  yet putting politics aside – it is going to be a hard winter this year –   we cannot ignore the fact that George Osbourne, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer is the Editor for this newspaper.

The self-satisfying self-serving George Osbourne has launched a Christmas campaign to temporarily alleviate the suffering and hunger of 50,000 children in the UK capital City. George Osborne was the first of Theresa May’s Chancellor’s responsible for imposing six years of austerity and severity on the nation between 2010 and 2016.

As a direct result of his policies severe cuts were made to many  local services including welfare provision, child protection, and schools. From our perspective most noticeable amongst the consequences of his policies was the rise in numbers forced to use Food Banks to keep themselves alive. The hypocritical nature of Osbourne beggars belief. Still arrogant and ignoble he represents…

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Happy Harry

A Homeless Beggar gives us a different perspective on the engagement of Prince Harry – from the point of view of the dying Homeless in the UK today. Please share…


Grace of the Ravens 12 gifts us with a truly heartrending poem about the despair of the Homeless in the UK today. Please share…

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~ Requiem ~ By ~ Grace ~


I’ve died a hundred times on cold city streets: a thousand times in my dreams,

I’ve heard the requiem of death before, the Homeless who perpetually scream.

I’ve witnessed sights no woman should see, both degradation and depravity:

Murder of innocence, of Love and of Life, of the Homeless existing in everlasting strife,

Put to the sword politically ignored by a Fascist state once proudly called  Great, but

Now also Homeless with nowhere to go, tented in darkness within Whitehall’s shadow,

Where Evil reigns as a wicked Queen, where ministers and minions worship the obscene,

Idealising profits prophesying boom, when the reality is we all live in gloom

In the glow of the few extending despair without cause for concern or reason to care

About policy making that is at all fair: fair in form and fit for all, not simply written for rich fat fools

With fat wallets and far fatter girths, who know only value and never true worth,

Who preach a language of contempt and hate, who in their…

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Dewin Nefol expresses his disdain for the municipal authorities of Stoke-on-Trent who wish to fine the homeless. Please share…

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‘Stoke-on-Trent council have been called ‘callous’ for proposing penalty notices in city centre followed by court appearance and fine.’ These the words of the Guardian in response to a proposal by Stoke-on-Trent Council to serve penalties on the Homeless in their City. Not only absurd but entirely despicable: those who have absolutely nothing are to be fined and taken to court at tax-expense by a council that obviously value profits far more than the sanctity of human life. It is a vile mentality that permeates the thinking of many councils throughout the UK, especially those who have no idea whatsoever how to respond to Homelessness in a humane or compassionate way other than victimising the most vulnerable in society. This proposal appears very much in keeping with the right-wing desire for an elitist  fascist state being promoted by the current UK government: an insidious evil government that needs to be removed from power and locked away to rot in their own filth.


~ Dogs Of…

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Wings of Change

In honour of Armistice/Remembrance Day, Poet Dewin Nefol offers us a tribute to a fallen flight Sargent of the R.A.F. Please, read on and share…

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Regrettably Gallybloggers have been unable to post a poem written especially for the site on Remembrance Day. I apologise sincerely on our behalf and with all possible good intention hope to be able to blog the poem as soon as possible.

In its stead, and without an accompanying image, Gallybloggers asked if I were able to post for Remembrance Day. I reluctantly agreed knowing I had nothing worthy of the occasion.

However, I had a poem available – albeit a poem with less brevity but penned with equal sentiment, regards and respect. The poem is slightly modified from one published on Dewin Nefol some time ago . Briefly for background, I occasion a cemetery close to the city where I live. It is a large graveyard and includes an area set-off from the main area where the graves of those Gone But Not Forgotten lie at rest. These graves belong to Armed Forces Personnel lost in service during WW2.  A little further onwards and away to one…

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“Yearning” by the poet Featherdown is another powerfully-written poem highlighting the suffering of Vets who return home to a desperate plight if life on the streets as members of Her Majesty’s Homeless Brigade. Please, read on and share…

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Gas Mask

The Remembrance Day Service in the United Kingdom will be held on November 12 this year.

In continuing to support ex-Service Personnel now Homeless, Gallybloggers are honoured to host their work: from those who have returned from active service overseas to the UK only to be disregarded and made to suffer by a failed government system that leaves numbers further traumatised and subject to conditions of poverty as a result of wilful neglect by local authorities. Gallybloggers published a poem on November 10 titled Crutch (1) that carried a story featured in a national newspaper highlighting Homelessness amongst ex-Service Personnel and supporting a national campaign called Homes For Heroes  (2) The newspaper article draws attention to the lack of funding available to authorities for the conversion of vacant properties in city centres and towns across the UK into homes and accommodation for the Homeless, and those arriving in the UK through political and religious persecution abroad. The newspaper also foregrounds the lack of enforcement of legislation by the UK government…the same government that sends soldiers to…

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The poet Kingston shares his feelings about his Homeless state after losing his legs as a soldier fighting for the very government that cares not if he lives or dies. An especially meaningful poem on the eve of Remembrance Day.

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~ Crutch ~ By ~ Kingston ~


If you piss on me I’ll piss on you

I’ll knock you down, I’ll tare you in two,

I’ll rip-up the money you hand to me

When you’re begging out loud for my pity.


Pretty shitty City with no sense of ease,

Or pity or compassion or grace or peace

Hanging flowers in baskets manicured lawns,

The Homeless collateral pawns in your power games:

Insane struggles causing pains never gains in this shitty City

Where Councillors neglect their rightful duty,

First are the people not the redecorated offices or

Stuffing your pockets your every orifices,

Cheapskates, pilferers, wrong-doers, thieves,

Bending over tables to easily please,

Businesses compromised when the Homeless beg,

Outside of their doorways where they peg

All Hope of Change to a begging bowl,

And a charitable kindly generous soul,

Who shares some copper maybe a pound,

Placed with Love in the bowl on the ground,

Whispering a prayer…

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