Sole Man of the Galleybloggers’ Ravens gifts us with verses that paint a life like few have seen or lived. Please, read on…

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Beat Street

~ Deadbeat ~ By ~ Sole Man ~


Feet beat up and down my street,

Fleet they skeet skirt and scatter

Chit and chat and chomp and natter,

Or chattering they laugh and sing,

Joys of life, love and living,

The dream as seen is a fantasy

Not scrimping scratching a reality

Begging filching pinching pilfering

It’s all the same to me you see,

Staying alive is my one guide

My one sense of life’s rich tapestry,

Down and out and Homeless,

With an abundance of misery

Least of all I’m famished starving hungry

Dying slowly of despairing despondency,

With no end to this forsaken depravity,

I’m estranged by fear from the heart of me,

I’m raw to the core as one can be

Wrapped in newspaper on city streets,

Deadbeat dead end dog tired exhausted

Distorted I’m daunted haunted by death,

When will she come for my very last breath?

Will I succumb easily accept…

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One Small Step

One Small Step by Weeping Willow is a powerful poem filled with angst and despair. Weeping Willow is a homeless person on the verge of suicide because of the inhumanity of society. The language is as raw as it is powerful…

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Raven’s 12 received a poem from afar, outside of Wales: a poem carried on the Wings of a Dove and passed to one of our number before being delivered into the embrace of Gallybloggers.

We are most grateful to receive this poem: it is one of several handed to us in recent months highlighting the inadequacy and tragic consequences of a failing UK Social Security System that is no longer fit for purpose in this modern age. It is not wholly inclusive in its ability to assess an individual for benefit fairly, it is a system that diminishes the impact and challenge of Mental Health disorders affecting the lives of Benefit claimants and blatantly encourages desperation when eligibility criteria removes opportunity for benefit from very vulnerable people. It is a Social Security System that fails miserably to recognise Mental Health disorders, and actively seeks to diminish the opportunity for those needing to claim who are restricted in their daily lives and mobility due to recognised, diagnosed, mental health…

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Homelessness is a blight upon civilization and should not exist at all. Dewin Nefol of Wales, UK, spends much of his spare time working with the Homeless. Nefol created the Gallybloggers website to showcase the poetry and prose of the Homeless in the hope that someday, financial assistance and greater social and political awareness will be awakened. I have committed myself to help Dewin Nefol in this great cause. I urge you to consider helping as well. You can contact me privately through the CONTACT page on this site or contact Dewin himself. Thank you!

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Call To Arms

Science suggests millions of years ago just one ‘seed of light’ springing forth from a sea of potential was all it took for the creation of the Universe. From this initial event new worlds came into being, and new life emerged from out of the darkness.

And so it can be that way again in 2017: whereby small seeds of light emerging from out of the silence and solitude of Homelessness can illuminate the hearts and minds of people and far more importantly highlight deficiencies in the competency of the UK Government who fail to manage Homelessness either effectively or humanly. Homeless people are suffering daily, and some also dying on UK streets, as consequence of Government Policies, an ineffective, prejudice  and woefully underfunded Social Security System, and pitiful despicable neglect by the UK Government who have an overarching responsibility to extend a duty of care to every citizen within the UK. The Homeless are not being considered either fairly or reasonably or if indeed at all, and neither is adequate funding or provision being made for…

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Y Ddraig Goch of the Ravens 12 gifts us with this poetic celebration of his birthday. Please enjoy…

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Presented here by Raven’s 12 with additional verse by a Homeless Welsh Wizard (their exact words not mine!) whizzing through town. It’s their Birthday! They requested this track to go alongside their poem with the inclusion of this quote from Jonny Rotten who would like to say:

“You don’t write ‘God Save The Queen’ because you hate the English race. You write a song like that because you Love them, and you’re fed up with them being mistreated.”[4] He intended to evoke sympathy for the working class, and a general resentment towards the monarchy.’ (1)

Gallybloggers might also suggest the word ‘English’ should apply equally for The Welsh, The Scots, and The Irish. We are inclusive of all Nations within the Union, but we are proud to be Welsh and Celts.


~ Taking The Whizz! ~ By ~  Y Ddraig Goch ~


Dewin wandered by an abandoned unused space,

Met a Scarecrow Homeless there, who had…

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Alkemi (Part 1)

This delightful epic poem by Dewin Nefol, “Alkemi (Part 1)” is part 3 of ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’. Please enjoy…

Part 3 of ‘Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’ – Alkemi (Part 1) is the penultimate instalment from Soothy the Truthy, a.k.a The Soothsayer who has penned an edgy anecdote for our delectation. The Soothsayer is a lead-character soon to be wandering alongside Merlin the Wizard and the cast of The Wizard Of Wands, Book 2, on a new adventure of their own: the opening chapter of which has been titled,  ‘Dragonfly.’

This poem was destined to be concluded in three-parts, however I now have need of an additional instalment. A special new friend to Dewin Nefol, Lady Rosewood Himali – My Lady, My Queen, My Ruby Red Dream – has brought Fire and Friendship into my life and I’d like to celebrate that by continuing this story one instalment more. Himali has inspired me to reach further than I knew I was able, striving for new words and better presentation of my poems. In the nicest possible way, I have already grown very…

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Dewin Nefol delights with another epic poem – Part 2 of “Piper At the Gates of Dawn”. Please, enjoy!

Ahead of a new lyrical adventure soon to be published on Dewin Nefol, one of the lead characters from my extended poem, ‘The Wizard Of Wands’ has stolen a little time to scribe a short story. This is Part 2 of Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, presented here as Hazel Grove, courtesy of the Soothsayer.

Part 1 found the Soothsayer in Red Kite guise seeking the source of a red flare seen in the sky. His curiosity landed him on a rose billowed cloud perched next to the Goddess Venus. She is a little concerned the Red Kite has insufficient bite, panache and dash for the role he must play in the new adventure – an adventure that concludes in regime change in Camelot. Venus has issued a directive to the Red Kite: he will be following her when she ascends into the cosmic soup at dawn, and he will somehow be upgraded or enhanced as a consequence of his subservience to Love. The future could be bright and rosy…

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A newcomer to Gallybloggers, Ulysses, charms us with what may be the beginnings of an epic on the days of Homer. Please, enjoy!

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Homer Inkwell and Quill

~ Thoughts On Homer From a Garden in Wales ~ By ~ Ulysses ~


While sat upon air amid

gardens, I dreamt once

a vision of ruin and glory.

It burst from ancient pages newly pressed,

the bard of which may never have lived.


His beard of stone formed

of marble, an illustrious prize.

His words they echo in the halls

of centennia. The grey eyes

of Athena awash with life.


As rosy fingers of sunlight

shone through emerald leaves,

My hands shook like Priams as

he looked down from above.

The arrows and spears flew by my ears.


Tears formed as the foam

of the sea-god’s rage

Spattered amongst boats.


O, to return from the time

when the blood of men lined

the bellies of roams as they lashed

the plains. To sit moist-eyed in

South Walian light, checking the sky for rain.


Artwork Composition/Photography…

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