More Tears of Shame …

Jill Dennison has penned an excellent post describing the tragedy surrounding the 2300 children brought across the southern U.S. border by illegal immigrants and ripped from their families. This tragedy was not brought to an end by Trump’s executive order earlier this week, and Jill is asking her American readers to stand up and be counted in the upcoming November elections. Amen!

Filosofa's Word

Trump signed an executive order earlier this week that did … nothing.  Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from preening and patting himself on the back.  While thousands of children remain terrified and separated from their parents, held in old warehouses, tent cities, and wherever the U.S. government can find room to stow them.

Administration officials admit that there is no immediate plan to reunite these children with their families.  Melania Trump visits them wearing a jacket that says, “I don’t care, do U?”  Fox television host Brian Kilmeade says we should not be concerned because “These aren’t our kids … it’s not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or, uh, or, uh, Texas. These are people from another country.” Members of Congress, congressional candidates, and the press have been denied entry to tour the facilities.  A senator was escorted from the premises by police…

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Thursday – A Little Personal – The Rains Came

John W. Howell gifts us with an episode featuring Lucy and Bailey getting into some mischief. Please enjoy!

Fiction Favorites

Twiggy is off today. She is recovering from her spay surgery. She is fine just confined to the house. Lucy and Baily, on the other hand, have free rein.

As most of you know, I live on a barrier island of the South Coast of Texas. This year we have been suffering from a drought. Our rainfall is in a deficit condition. So we finally got some rain and today’s story is about two miscreant doggies.


Here is a photo of the pond behind our house.  The water level is about twelve inches too low. This photo was taken on June 12th. That grey thing is a culvert pipe for the drains on the street.

Drought over

As you can see with the rain, we had yesterday the pond is more than full.

Now on to Lucy and Bailey

“Bailey. What are you doing in that water?”

“I’d like to say the breaststroke…

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A Canadian Perspective – A Guest Post by John Fioravanti

Today, blogger Jill Dennison has generously hosted me on her informative and exciting blog, Filosofa’s Word. Thanks, Jill, for this opportunity to share my views as a Canadian blogger about these difficult days in the relationship between our two countries.

Filosofa's Word

After I opined strongly about Trump’s abominable behaviour toward Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I began to wonder how the people of Canada viewed the incident.  I asked Canadian friend John if he would write a guest post for me, and he graciously agreed.  Thank you, John!

Trump’s Treatment of Trudeau – A Canadian Perspective

By John Fioravanti

For many months since the inauguration of Donald Trump, I have watched him behave poorly as he played to his base of supporters. I am dismayed that his enablers in the GOP party in Congress refuse to exercise their constitutional duty to oversee his decisions that are often based on ignorance of the facts and outright lies. I don’t think Donald Trump has many supporters or admirers in Canada.

Figure 1: President Donald Trump at the G7 Summit 2018Figure 1: President Donald Trump at the G7 Summit 2018

To be honest, I am a supporter of Canada’s Liberal Party, which is…

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Thursday – A little Personnel – Twiggy and Lucy

John W. Howell treats us to a new episode featuring Lucy telling Twiggy a story. Please enjoy!

Fiction Favorites

“So Lucy. Pay attention to me.”

“I thought I heard a UPS truck out there.”

“There’s no truck out there. That’s another golf cart going by.”

“I guess you’re right. Okay, what do you want to do?”

“How about if you tell me a story?”

“A story, huh. I can do that. Once upon a time, there were three dogs.”

“Very cool cause we are three dogs.”

“Yes and these three dogs all lived in the same house.”

“It is getting better since we all live in the same house.”

“Then one day a giant came to the house and said. ‘Fe Fi fo fum, I smell the blood of a Frenchie bum.”‘

“Wait a minute. Why would he single out a Frenchie? There are two boxers. Why a Frenchie?”

“You’ll just have to wait until the end of the story to find out. May I continue?”

“Gosh. I suppose. I…

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Thursday – A Little Personal – Backyard with Twiggy, Lucy, and Bailey

John W. Howell treats us to a delightfully lazy time with his three furry kids sunning themselves in the backyard. Please enjoy!

Fiction Favorites

“Hey, Twiggy. What’s up?”

“Hi, Dad. I’m thinking of joining Lucy and Bailey in the yard.”

“Go ahead. Nothing should stop you.”

Lucy, Bailey, and Twiggy

“Well, except for that scary looking bird out there.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake, Twiggy. That’s just a harmless blackbird.”

“I’ve been reading about birds of prey, and at my level, one has to be careful.”

“Go to Lucy. She’ll take care of you.”

“Don’t you worry, Twiggy. That bird can’t hurt you.”

“I feel pretty good right here.”

“Just let him try something. He’ll have to answer to me.”

“So what is Bailey doing over there?”

“She is having one of her beauty sun baths.”

“Beauty sun Baths?”

“Yup. she lays in the sun and believes it helps her skin tone.”

“You and I lay in the sun.”

“But you and I know it doesn’t do a thing.”

“I like the warm though.”

“Yeah, that is nice.”


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Max Boot: President Trump Has Been Working To Normalize Racism

Gronda Morin paints a chilling picture of the growing reality and threat of racism in the Republican Party and in the nation at large – courtesy of the Enabler-in-Chief in the White House. Please share.

Gronda Morin


As a former republican until 2016, I have become painfully aware that there is a racist living in the white House but President Donald Trump could never have been elected without the help and support of the current republican party which created the environment to guarantee his success.

In 2013, I had started to become painfully aware of a strain of racism that had permeated the republican party to where I finally left it in 2016. It started with the Trayvon Martin case. Too many in my former party (2012-2013) were propping up as a hero the likes of a bum, George Zimmerman. Then there was the demonizing of Trayvon Martin as a pot smoking thug when he was just a kid walking home from a store. When George Zimmerman was declared “not guilty” by…

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Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Bailey

Twiggy and the five-yard end zone run! Another amazing episode with John W. Howell and his furry kids. Please enjoy!

Fiction Favorites

“I’ll bet I can make you blink, Lucy.”

“You know short stuff I have been in staring contest with cats and walked away a winner.”

“Yeah but you’ve never been under the control of Super Frenchie.”

“Tell you what. Bailey has been dying to play a game. Go do a staring contest with her. She’s easy.”

“Hi, Bailey. I’ll bet I could win a staring contest.”

“I’m sure you could, Little One. Right now I’m wondering about that black plastic wire on the fence.”

“Oh that. Dad put that all around.”


“Last week the neighbor was walking his dogs.”

“Oh, I get it. They tried to get in?”

“No. I actually ran through the fence and gave them what for.”

“What did pops do?”

“Ha ha ha. It makes me laugh when I think about it.”

“Tell me.”

“He jumped over the fence to stop me and had an accident.”

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