Read any good books lately?

This is the best article I’ve ever seen about the benefits of reading books – by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, hosted by Debby Gies. Please, read on…

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I have been invited to Guest Post TODAY!
hosted by blogger Debby Gies [author D.G.Kaye]

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Reblog with Intro from theExecutive Functioning Series

Deb’s Website HERE

Although she is in Toronto, Canada and I am “down south” in Cincinnati, Ohio, the miracle that is the blogging community has allowed us to develop a warm and wonderful virtual friendship.

For those who don’t already know her, Debby is a generous, popular and prolific blogger who is well-known for her memoirs filled with both heartfelt and humorous reflections on her own journey through life.

Uplifting and encouraging, each is written to offer positive support to anyone struggling with anything similar to the topics she tackles.

She is currently readying her next book for publication.

She asked me to give her a bit of time to focus on polishing the upcoming gem I’m sure it…

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Celebrating the newly edited edition of “Empty Chairs: (Standing Tall & Fighting Back Book 1) #Memoir On sale now at $0.99.

Child Sexual Abuse: Stacy Danson’s horrific true story, Empty Chairs Edition 3, has been edited and formatted and is available now on Amazon for $.99. Read her story and be aware. Please, read on…

Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke.

The following trailer and the contents of my memoir are very confronting. Because they absolutely must be. Child abuse will never cease if we continue to turn away, seeing nothing … doing nothing.

HERE IS THE TRAILER Created by my dear friend Sessha Batto.


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Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “Guess.”

Author John W. Howell gifts us with a very humorous prompt response based on the word “guess”. I’m sure you’ll love it. Please, read on…

Fiction Favorites


It is Stream of Consciousness Saturday time again. Today’s prompt is “Guess.” Linda Hill says we can use it any way we want. If you would like to participate, visit Linda’s blog and find out how. Here is the link

Guess by John W. Howell ©2017

“So if I had to guesstimate the amount we need—”

“Yeah, hold on a minute. What do you mean guesstimate?”

“You know. An estimate and a guess rolled into one.”

“So why not just say a guess?”

“Cause my number will be more accurate than a guess.”

“Well, then why don’t you call it an estimate?”

“Real simple. My number will be less accurate than an estimate.”.

“Now you have me confused.”

“Not hard I’m sure.”

“Very funny. So you are saying your guesstimate is somewhere between a guess and an estimate.”

“Yes. I think you have it.”

“And you count on these…

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Spotlight Thursday – Meet Lucy

Here’s a delightful interview with Lucy, beloved pet and family member of author, John W. Howell. Please, read on…


Spotlight Thursday

Welcome my friends to SPOTLIGHT THURSDAY.  This is the time that I will introduce you to one of my fellow anipals so you can get to know them better.  Some of them, you may already know.  We hope that you enjoy this series!

Name:   Lucy Howell McCormick

Age:  seven years

Location:  Mustang Island, Texas

Web/Blog Page:

What were your first thoughts when you met your new parents?  Well, I was a rescue from San Antonio and my mom met me at an adoption event. She was looking at another and my thought was she looks like the kind of person who will love me forever. I went up to her and the rest is history. (My secret was giving her a kiss)

What was the defining moment when you knew you were in your forever home?  I met my dad and he…

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Thursday – A little Personal – Watch RWISA Write Blog Tour – #RWISA #RRBC

John W. Howell, author, and member of Rave Reviews Book Club and RWISA, gifts us with an engaging short piece that left me wanting more! Please, read on, and consider checking out John’s thriller novels and his very entertaining website, Fiction Favorites.

Fiction Favorites

Rave Reviews Book Club. One of the objectives of the club is to recognize outstanding talent in its membership. A literary group has been established within RRBC named Rave Writers – International Society of Authors (RWISA). This month the club is featuring these authors on a tour. Today is my turn on the tour. The selection I am posting is titled Last Night but in reality is the first chapter in my new book Circumstances of Childhood.  I hope you like it.


Last Night by John W. Howell © 2017

So, with nothing better to do, I figure I’ll stop at Jerry’s place and grab a couple of drinks and a burger. Usually, I don’t go there on Saturday night since there’s a crapload of amateurs taking up what would be considered prime space. I figure since this is a Friday and close to Saturday, it may be packed, but…

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Not my shame

Bethany K shares her painful and shocking story of sexual abuse as a child. She instructs us about where the shame and responsibility for these acts belong. Please, read on…

NOT MY SECRET...overcoming the shame of sexual abuse

*graphic sexual abuse detail trigger warning.

*photograph of me looking in the mirror by me

The things that have been done to me are NOT MY SECRET. The things that have been done to me are also NOT MY SHAME.

“Such shameful things should not be spoken of,” she said.

“You don’t need to tell everyone the nitty gritty of what happened to you,” he said.

”No one wants to know the details of the abuse,” they said.

“You are tarnishing the family name,” she said.

“You are making us look bad,” he said.

“You are going to hell for what you have said,” the wife of the man who abused me said.

Abuse was inflicted upon me. It started when I…

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Smorgasbord Laughter Academy – Confusion reigns.

Again, Sally Cronin has gifted us with some funny stories to carry us smiling into our weekends!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Let’s head into the weekend on a lighter note…We all get a little confused sometimes and need to talk it out.

A physician, an engineer, and an attorney were discussing who among them belonged to the oldest of the three professions represented.

The physician said, “Remember that, on the sixth day, God took a rib from Adam and fashioned Eve, making him the first surgeon. Therefore, medicine is the oldest profession.”

The engineer replied, “But, before that, God created the heavens and earth from chaos and confusion, and thus he was the first engineer. Therefore, engineering is an older profession than medicine.”

Then, the lawyer spoke up, “Yes, but who do you think created all of the chaos and confusion?”

A police officer at a speed trap pulls over a car he clocks creeping along at 22 miles per hour.

Approaching the car, he notices that there are four old…

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