Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Needs Her Rest

John W. Howell gifts us with the sweetest exchange between Lucy and Twiggy – it’ll warm your heart!

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“Hi, Lucy. Why so glum?”

“Twiggy is under the sofa and won’t play with me.”

“Oh, I’m sure she is resting or something.”

“She says she is tired of playing”

“Tired? What’s that about?”

“We were running around pretty hard.”

“Well, there you are. She is tired. Give her some time.”

“You think so, Boss? I hope she isn’t coming down with something.”

“Twiggy. Come out of there and let’s have a discussion.”

“Good girl, Lucy. She will listen to you.”


“I don’t feel like playing, Lucy I need a little rest.”

“But we can take it a little slower.”

“Any ideas Bailey?”

“I’d get a treat and lure her out.”


“Okay. The rest is over. Here I am.”

“How about we do tug of war?”

“We can play whatever you want, Little stuff.”

“Aw. Thank you, Lucy.”

“I’m glad you feel better. I know we play a little hard sometimes.”

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Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy’s Toy Basket

John W. Howell gifts us with another adventure starring Twiggy and her toy box. Cute beyond words!

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Twiggy's toy basket

“Hey, Twiggy. What are we doing?”

“Well, Dad. I’m not sure about you, but mom told me to pick up my toys.”

“Did she mention you might need to get out of your basket to do that?”

“Yes of course. I’m having trouble with motivation. This spring is sooo heavy.”

“Well, I’ll leave you to it.”

“No don’t go. Maybe you could help. Look how weak I am.”

“I think Lucy has been prompting you again.”

“No, not really. Oh, but she did mention that it is better to get help for any job.”

“I can imagine her advice. I don’t suppose mom said you and I should pick up the toys.”

“Why, I think she might have mentioned something like that.”

“Ha ha ha. I’m sure she did. You get started, and I’ll be back to see how you are progressing.”

“I’ll lift this heavy octopus and put it…

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Thursday – A Little Personal – Too Hot to Play Outside

How very sweet! Don’t miss this episode by John W. Howell with his three furry kids.

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“Hey, Bailey. Look at Lucy”

“Yeah. Looks like she is up and at em today.”

“Yeah, you two. It is too hot to play outside, so we have to think of things to do inside.

“I’m already doing it. Laying on the couch.”

“Come on Bailey you need the exercise.”

“How about you Little Potato. Want to play with this toy?”

“How do we play with it?”

“Right now it looks like a nice stole on you.”

“But that is not the intent of this toy. You grab it.”

“Then what?”

“You shake it like you would a wild pig.”

“Oh, my. Wild pig? Where do we find wild pigs?”

“Pay no attention to Lucy. She thinks she is a medieval hunting dog.”

“That is what I was bred for, Bailey.”

“So Twiggy. You shake the prey until you break its neck.”

“Ew. I don’t think I can do that.”


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Cognitive dissonance prevents further unraveling

In this important and thought-provoking article, Keith suggests that bridging the gap between people of differing beliefs and views can be achieved only by thoughtful and respectful dialogue. Please share.


I have been using the analogy of a wound ball of yarn unraveling to describe what is happening with Trump voters. The outer layers represent the more moderate and rational voters who have seen what Trump represents and their support is unraveling. As the ball gets smaller, the unraveling becomes more difficult as the yarn is coated with cognitive dissonance.

One dictionary defines cognitive dissonance as “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.” A definition I hold is calling the dissonance a “disharmony” that is upsetting to the person as it is at odds with what they believe.

When a person is confronted with facts that diminish their belief, they often run home to some source of information to tell them the facts are not true. This is s key reason people like watching pseudo-news sources that tell them…

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John’s Believe It Or Not… July 18th

* 1814 – Eight traitors captured during the War of 1812 are hanged at Ancaster – Upper Canada.  * 2012 Kim Jong-un is officially appointed Supreme Leader of North Korea and given the rank of Marshal in the Korean People’s Army. * 64 Nero’s Rome burns * 1986 Video of Titanic wreckage released * 1995 Barack Obama’s “Dreams from My Father” is published

It’s Hump Day Wednesday! Did You Know…

* 1814 – Eight traitors captured during the War of 1812 are hanged at Ancaster – Upper Canada.

We like to think that we were removed from barbarian practices of the middle ages, perhaps not quite so removed. An incident in Canada during the War of 1812 saw men’s heads lopped off and paraded on spikes.

At the beginning of the war, Americans thought Canadians would welcome their invading troops as liberators from British rule. They were eventually awakened to a much different reality. Still, there were Americans who had moved north and some Canadians who were sympathetic to the American ideal and others who were indifferent to the Empire and might be persuaded to the American cause. Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… July 18th”

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy Continues Learning

Too cute for words – John W. Howell gifts with another delightful lesson featuring Twiggy, Bailey, and Lucy. Please enjoy!

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“Hi, Bailey. What’s going on?”

“Hi, Pops. I was just wondering what Lucy and Twiggy are up to out there.”

“From here it looks like they are talking.”

“Talking? What about?”

“Hard to say, Bailey. You know Lucy has taken her role as big sister seriously. Why don’t you join them and see what they are saying?”


“Good idea.”

“Hey, you guys. Whatcha talkin’ about?

“Twiggy was asking about the birds and the bees.”

“OMG so soon?”

“Relax, Bailey. She was worried about the Pelicans.”

“You tell her they are just big fish eaters?”

“Yup. Man look at that flock.”

“Anyway, I also told her to beware of those big bees.”

“What are you looking at Twiggy?”

“I think I see a bee out there Bailey.”

“I don’t think so. That looks like a fly to me.”

“A fly? It’s a pretty big fly.”


“You guys should pay more attention…

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What Exactly IS Freedom?

Jill Dennison has gifted us with clarifying thoughts about the true nature of freedom. Please share.

Filosofa's Word

Been a lot of talk about that thing called ‘freedom’ lately.  Started me thinking about some things.  What is freedom, anyway?  Freedom from what?  Freedom to do what?  Am I free?  Are you?  Are any of us?  And what is the trade-off for freedom, for there is a trade-off, a price to pay for everything, y’know.

I did a bit of thinking about it … and one thing I can say for certain is that we don’t all see freedom in the same way.  There are those, some are friends of mine even, who think freedom means you get to have a gun … any ol’ gun you want, carry it wherever you go … and use it however you want.  To them that is freedom, but wait … if they have that gun, and they can use it when and how they want … suddenly I don’t feel quite…

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