Ere We Die

This poem, Ere We Die, by Kevin Morris is an imaginative recipe for living. Thank you, Kevin!

Pax Et Dolor Magazine

By :- Kevin Morris

On seeing the stormy sky
The poet thinks “man must die”.
He sees the young girl bloom
And says “she is destined for the tomb”.
Oh let us gather wild flowers
And not waste our powers
Trapped in ivory towers.
Beware the scholar’s domed head
For we are soon dead.
May our spirit fly
Ere we die
And are lost in endless sky.

The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author. Find more of his beautiful works at newauthoronline

The poem appears in his
collection of poetry, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind

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Our Jogger – Guest Post by Emily Gmitter (by kind permission from Zoe)…

Emily Gmitter, via Chris The Story Reading Ape, presents us with a truly touching story about life, about death, and moving forward with cherished gifts.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


Zoe here, I’m on a break, so I’m going to let my human have my spot this month, but I WILL be BACK.

It seemed the end of an era. I knelt beside the still body that was lying on the sidewalk in front of my house. I touched the back of my hand to his familiar face; it was cool to the touch. Not that I needed to do that; the thin skin on his face was a shade of bluish gray that indicated only one thing. I called 911 and waited for the paramedics to arrive.

Leaning against the stone wall in front of our home, I continued to stare at the body. I knew him, but I didn’t know him. Who were you?

In death, he did not seem as old as he had appeared when he was jogging through our neighborhood, which he did every day…

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John’s Believe It Or Not… March 14th

It’s Terrific Tuesday! Did you know…

* 1984 – Marc Garneau named first Canadian to go into space; member of the CSA’s Canadian Astronaut Program. (Garneau was one of the first six Canadian astronauts selected in December 1983, and was the first Canadian to go into space, as a payload specialist on Shuttle Missions STS-41G Challenger (October 5-13, 1984) and STS-77 Endeavour (May 19-29, 1996), logging over 437 hours in space. Garneau has since served as spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM) in Mission Control during Shuttle flights. He is now a Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister in the Trudeau government.) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… March 14th”

The way we treat others matters

Scottie tells a moving story to bring home the lesson of always striving to treat others well. You just never know…

Scotties Toy Box

I had someone who I really care about send me the following story.   When I read it I had tears in my eyes.   I know for a fact that the way you are treated during the day can change your mood and how you react and deal with others.  This has happened to me some years ago while dealing with the public.  I would start in a good mood, and then encounter someone who was angry or disagreeable.   Then my own mood would sour.  Often if I was in a sour mood I would encounter someone happy and upbeat and I would catch the mood and adopt it also.   Now I try to be the upbeat happy person.  I want to be the one who helps other people have a good day.   I never want to be a stumbling block that prevents anyone having a…

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Asking the question

Do you ask questions when you leave a comment? Author and blogger, Sue Vincent, presents a thought-provoking article about the art and practice of asking questions.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

‘Who, how, what, why, where, when?’…

There was a time when I worked as a national sales manager for a major company. I had been employed as their transport manager, running the fleet of lorries and coordinating the  complex delivery of portable buildings and unusual cargoes. I loved that job and, as I was talking to suppliers and customers all day, I also managed to drum up a fair bit of business. Once the scale of this was noticed, I was promoted, kicking and screaming, to sales manager. In spite of the undoubted perks of company cars, technology and the open road, I really preferred transport. The business I had brought in came from the trust and friendships I had been able to build over the years with people. Sales is a different game.

Even with the shiny badge of official seniority, employees were not left to their own devices…

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Super easy blogging tip: Adding a Site Icon to your WordPress Blog #MondayBlogs #Blogging

Here’s a timely tip from D.E. Haggerty for bloggers, writers, and everyone who uses their own website for a small business. It’s all about branding!

D.E. Haggerty

I spend a lot of time reading and just generally checking out blogs from book reviewers and other writers. My husband probably thinks I spend what too much time on my WordPress app while those who are fervent believers in the so-called author platform would argue I need to spend way more time communing with my blogger brethren. But that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve recently noticed quite a few bloggers don’t have a Site Icon. Back up – I hear you shout. What’s a Site Icon (also known as a favicon)? I admit to having to look the term up. In my notes, I used the term ‘icon thingy’. Anyway, a site icon is the tiny image on the left side of your website title in the browser. If you use WordPress, but don’t add your own Site Icon, you’ll see a tiny image of the WordPress logo here.

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Top Ten Things Not to do in The Back of a Police Car

Author, John W. Howell from Port Aransas, Texas, offers some free and timely advice about what not to do during Spring Break. Enjoy!

Fiction Favorites

Spring Break

Spring break inspires many things. There are enough police interventions during this time to be an inspiration for some stories. I picked a small segment of time and provide advice tho those who find themselves behind the grid so to speak.

Top Ten Things Not to do in The Back of a Police Car

By John W. Howell © 2017

10 In the back of a police car, do not start a campfire thinking you need to stay warm. If you do, at best the foam extinguisher may make your face break out. At worst, your dad will not answer your call, and the judge is remanding you over for psychological evaluation. (Looks like the cost of the car and long-term care will be on you, Pumpkin)

9 In the back of a police car, do not remove your clothes. If you do, at best you will be asked to put…

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