John’s Believe It Or Not … May 2nd

It’s Tremendous Tuesday! Did you know…

* 1670 – Charles II grants Royal Charter to Prince Rupert and the Hudson’s Bay Company. (King Charles II grants a Royal Charter to his cousin Prince Rupert and a group of investors called The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson’s Bay: today’s Hudson’s Bay Company. Two French explorers and traders, Pierre-Esprit Radisson and Médard des Groseilliers, proposed the fur-trading company to the group and mounted a successful season of trade a year earlier. The charter gives the company the exclusive monopoly of commerce in lands flowing into Hudson Bay and requires them to search for mines and a route to the South Seas. In exchange, the Company had to pay ‘two Elkes and two Black beavers’ to the King whenever he or his successors visit the territory (a payment that has been made only four times in the Company’s history). In 1859, the HBC’s exclusive trade license expires, and in 1869, the Company agrees to surrender its Rupert’s Land rights to the Crown. In 1870, Manitoba and later the Northwest Territories become part of the new country of Canada. Can anyone tell me the translation of the HBC motto?) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not … May 2nd”


Why Do We Still Have Gender Issues?

In two previous posts in this series Let’s Talk! I shared my concerns about shared issues that impact humanity all over the world. In Nationalism: Have We Outgrown It? I briefly discussed some pros and cons and concluded that nationalism no longer serves humanity. I put forward a suggestion in Global Rule: Is It Feasible? that a world government may well allow people worldwide to tackle our common problems more efficiently. Today, I’m highlighting the issue of gender equity that has plagued us throughout our history.

I was born in 1951 to a strong, intelligent woman. As well, I’m an older brother to another, husband to another, father to a daughter who is CEO of the Canadian operations of an international insurance broker, and I’m a grandfather to yet another self-assertive and intelligent female. All of my female friends are talented with strong personalities. With that introduction, the words that follow should come as no surprise. Continue reading “Why Do We Still Have Gender Issues?”

We Don’t Want Equal Pay, We Want Fair Pay (Guest Post)

Lawyer Lauren van Arendonk @lvalawyer presents (via Christy Birmingham) a wonderful article about the important difference between ‘equal pay’ and ‘fair pay’ in the workplace. Please, read on…

When Women Inspire

Lauren is a litigation solicitor based in Sydney. She is passionate about advocating for women and worker’s rights. She runs a blog at

When she’s not arguing, writing or trying to stay awake in meetings, she cooks, surfs and tries to manage her comedy club and yoga addiction.

We want fair pay A protest event.

Pay gaps, sexism and gender inequality make up some of the hottest topics on the corporate playground at the moment. It’s generally agreed that the cards are stacked against women when it comes to pay. It’s generally agreed that society and organisational culture continues to slam the door in the face of the career progression for many women. However, we’re often so hung up contrasting salaries and bonuses with Mr Desk-Next-Door, that we rarely take the time to assess what equal pay even is, and whether that’s actually what we want.

I often hear women reeling about…

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John’s Believe It Or Not… May 1st

Good Monday All! Did you know…

* 1912 – Dominion of Canada issues first $5 bill, replacing the $4 one. (The Dominion of Canada issued five dollar bills for the first time in 1912. Many collectors see these notes and think they are incomplete because they do not feature a portrait. Each note has a simple vignette of a train. The train is the Ocean Limited and it is traveling on the Intercolonial Railway through the Wentworth Valley in Nova Scotia. These bank notes are relatively available in all grades, but that does not mean they are always cheap. Upon Confederation in 1867, the name Canada was officially adopted for the new Dominion, which was commonly referred to as the Dominion of Canada until after World War II.) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… May 1st”

John’s Believe It Or Not… April 30th

Happy Sunday To You! Did you know…

* 311 Roman Emperor Galerius issues Edict of Toleration, ending the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. (The Edict of Toleration by Galerius was issued in 311 in Serdica (today Sofia, Bulgaria) by the Roman emperor Galerius, officially ending the Diocletianic persecution of Christianity. The Edict implicitly granted Christianity the status of “religio licita”, a worship recognized and accepted by the Roman Empire. It was the first edict legalizing Christianity, preceding the Edict of Milan by two years.) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… April 30th”

John’s Believe It Or Not… April 29th

Happy Saturday! Did you know…

* 1429 Joan of Arc relieves Orleans. (During the Hundred Years’ War, the 17-year-old French peasant Joan of Arc leads a French force in relieving the city of Orleans, besieged by the English since October. At the age of 16, “voices” of Christian saints told Joan to aid Charles, the French dauphin, in gaining the French throne and expelling the English from France. Convinced of the validity of her divine mission, Charles furnished Joan with a small force of troops. She led her troops to Orleans, and on April 29, as a French sortie distracted the English troops on the west side of the city, Joan entered unopposed by its eastern gate. Bringing needed supplies and troops into the besieged city, she also inspired the French to a passionate resistance and through the next week led the charge during a number of skirmishes and battles. On one occasion, she was even hit by an arrow, but after dressing her wounds she returned to the battle. On May 8, the siege of Orleans was broken, and the English retreated.) Continue reading “John’s Believe It Or Not… April 29th”

Friday Funnies For Writers

Nicola Aukland has gifted us with some funnies to get us through the final workday of the week and into the weekend. Please, enjoy…

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

I don’t usually do this sort of post but since my spirits need a lift today I thought I’d share some writerly funnies with you.

Do any of these resonate with you? Each one sounds like me and my life!!

Happy Friday, I hope they make you smile 🙂

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