Thursday – A Little Personal – Lucy’s Agenda

John W. Howell gifts us with another hilarious episode with this three furry kids. Please, enjoy…

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“Hey, Bailey. You hear anything?”

“Like what?”

“Listen upstairs. Something’s clomping around.”


“I don’t hear anything? Hey, Pops you hear anything upstairs?”

“I can’t hear anything from here. I’ll go check.”

“Thanks, pops.”


“Excuse me, Stella.”

“Hold on, John. I’m just finishing breakfast.”


“Okay. What can I do for you?”

“Lucy said there was something clomping around up here.”

“I have to say I did walk from the office to my water.”


“John, you are letting those two get away with murder.”

“How so?”

“Ever hear of Carl Sandburg?”

“Of course.”

“His poem “Fog” used the metaphor, “Little cat feet,” to describe how silently the fog moved in.”

“I get it. See you later, Stella.”

“Bye John.”

Lucy and Bailey

“Okay, you two. Um I mean, okay, Bailey. There was no clomping around.”

“Well, we were trying to catch a nap and Lucy heard something.”

“Meaning Stella.”

“Lucy’s agenda not mine. I only reported…

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