One Small Step

One Small Step by Weeping Willow is a powerful poem filled with angst and despair. Weeping Willow is a homeless person on the verge of suicide because of the inhumanity of society. The language is as raw as it is powerful…

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Raven’s 12 received a poem from afar, outside of Wales: a poem carried on the Wings of a Dove and passed to one of our number before being delivered into the embrace of Gallybloggers.

We are most grateful to receive this poem: it is one of several handed to us in recent months highlighting the inadequacy and tragic consequences of a failing UK Social Security System that is no longer fit for purpose in this modern age. It is not wholly inclusive in its ability to assess an individual for benefit fairly, it is a system that diminishes the impact and challenge of Mental Health disorders affecting the lives of Benefit claimants and blatantly encourages desperation when eligibility criteria removes opportunity for benefit from very vulnerable people. It is a Social Security System that fails miserably to recognise Mental Health disorders, and actively seeks to diminish the opportunity for those needing to claim who are restricted in their daily lives and mobility due to recognised, diagnosed, mental health…

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