A newcomer to Gallybloggers, Ulysses, charms us with what may be the beginnings of an epic on the days of Homer. Please, enjoy!

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Homer Inkwell and Quill

~ Thoughts On Homer From a Garden in Wales ~ By ~ Ulysses ~


While sat upon air amid

gardens, I dreamt once

a vision of ruin and glory.

It burst from ancient pages newly pressed,

the bard of which may never have lived.


His beard of stone formed

of marble, an illustrious prize.

His words they echo in the halls

of centennia. The grey eyes

of Athena awash with life.


As rosy fingers of sunlight

shone through emerald leaves,

My hands shook like Priams as

he looked down from above.

The arrows and spears flew by my ears.


Tears formed as the foam

of the sea-god’s rage

Spattered amongst boats.


O, to return from the time

when the blood of men lined

the bellies of roams as they lashed

the plains. To sit moist-eyed in

South Walian light, checking the sky for rain.


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