Look Who’s Birthday It Is!

Happy 38th birthday, Marco Rossini!

Cream puff pastry with strawberries.Darymanis City, February 28, 2798. – (Sarah Winthrop, Genesis Free Press)

Today, in the picturesque Darymanis City, nestled against the pristine waters of Lake Darymanis, the Rossini family and close friends gathered to celebrate the birthday of our colourful Vice President. He and his bride, Marie (Brooklynn) have just returned from New Halifax where they honeymooned for three weeks. Continue reading “Look Who’s Birthday It Is!”


15. A Rebellion Is Brewing!

In our last episode, Marine Colonel Roberto Gallo met privately with Navy Marine Corps Commandant Gerald Kingsley about a serious problem brewing among the Navy Marine Corps, stemming from their treatment at the hands of Crusaders military personnel. This issue is part of the aftermath of the ill-fated educational field trip to the planet surface by science teacher Georgio Pinto. Continue reading “15. A Rebellion Is Brewing!”

21. How Far Will You Go to Fulfill Your Duty? #RRBC

In our last episode, Dr. John introduced Author, Nonnie Jules to the big Irishman, ArcGeneral Pat Conroy, who grew up with Marco Rossini in Darymanis City. The two hit it off immediately and enjoyed chatting about Marco’s return from a near-fatal injury. Today, Nonnie finishes up her Treachery & Triumph Tour on Genesis with a visit to Vice President Marco Rossini’s home on the University of Genesis City campus. She needs to know how he plans to carry out his duty. Continue reading “21. How Far Will You Go to Fulfill Your Duty? #RRBC”

20. “Lass! Aren’t You the Charmer!” #RRBC

In our last episode, Nonnie and John found Rouge strategist, Shawn O’Dell, on the run-down west side of Genesis City. Needless to say, he more than met his match when he decided to disrespect Liz Hastings and women in general. From there, John whisked Nonnie away to find ArcGeneral Pat Conroy who is currently directing the construction of a new and improved navy. Continue reading “20. “Lass! Aren’t You the Charmer!” #RRBC”

17. Loneliness & Agent Ted Gallo #RRBC

In our last episode, we witnessed a meeting between Nonnie, John and Andra Ursla, Earther Ambassador to Genesis. Nonnie expressed an interest in learning more about what makes Marco Rossini tick, so she thought a chat with his lead security agent might enlighten her further. Continue reading “17. Loneliness & Agent Ted Gallo #RRBC”

#16. Andra is Marco’s Ace in the Hole! #RRBC

Yesterday, Nonnie and John made a return trip to planet Genesis – to the orbital station, Genesis One, to be precise. After their guided tour of the orbital, Nonnie had the opportunity to interview the CO, ArcGeneral Graham Manchester. When Nonnie reached out and touched John’s arm to get his attention, they suddenly disappeared. Continue reading “#16. Andra is Marco’s Ace in the Hole! #RRBC”

6. Giant Creatures On Genesis

Within a month of the arrival of ENS Divine Scepter at planet Genesis in 2181 CE, the third generation of human survivors from Earth are building the new capital city. ArcGeneral Thomas Hastings has persuaded High Chancellor Hayes to appoint Jethro Hodge as Director of Building Operations. Hodge and his teams of architects and engineers have toiled over plans created by a previous generation of experts for the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors of the capital. Since the surveys of the actual site are complete, they now have finalized the plans. Continue reading “6. Giant Creatures On Genesis”