CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT: Human Trafficking, Women and Terrorist Organisations.

James Fahey presents a terrifying picture of human trafficking globally. Please, read on…

James Fahey

“Another recruit reported that she was given in marriage to a jihadi who told her that as she was his gift, he could give her to his friends and colleagues. After she was passed around, and had fainted, she woke up in a strange safe house with several other women being trained for a jihadi mission. One girl refused and the instructors reported that she had been eviscerated and chopped up into several pieces.”

IMG_2631-1 Al Shabaab child soliders

Human Trafficking is rife in the world today. When a country or region is devastated by intrastate or interstate conflict terrorist organisations and criminal gangs can prosper and grow to control vast areas of territory. Some examples include Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and Somalia. Governance of these regions are minimal in parts and these groups are claiming large swaths or land, money and people.

ISIS are mainly in Syria and Iraq, Boko Haram…

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